January 7, 2010

man oh manifesto

Apparently, a manifesto contains goals, rules and guidelines. Per wikipedia, it acts as a platform of sorts, detailing one's beliefs/stances on a given topic or variety thereof. And since it sounds like no party is complete without one, we best at the behest of custom (slash, my co-editor) create a (wo)manifesto.

So, what's our M.O.?

True music lovers, particularly in DC, lack a real vox populi when it comes to recommendations, reviews and rants, and those that do exist are watered down. The biggest news outlet in our fair city, for example, featured a "most influential artists of the decade" list that not only included Taylor Swift, but expressed disdain for Wilco--gasp! Local blogs are either too trying to load online (though we love you BYT) or too busy to experience greatness, like the Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros show at Black Cat this fall (which went unreviewed, blasphemy). And don't even get us started on DC's rock station... seemingly existing in this strange music vacuum where the only band to outgrow 1995 was the Foo Fighters.

We plan on covering every live show we go to, and luckily for you, that's practically everything worth seeing in DC--minus classical and jazz, for which we have an unfortunate blindspot (call it maximization of utility/funds). We'll sprinkle in CD commentary, news on festivals, and the off-hand out-of-town review too, for good measure.

And of course, no recipe is complete without pictures, so we'll try our hand at that as well.

In return, we hope you forgive us in advance for differences in opinion, bad puns, corny jokes and far-fetched comparisons. We're just fans after all, who decided it would be criminal to not document our showgoing with sound proof. Yes, I went there. That's why they pay me the big bucks, and/or fail to publish my articles.

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