June 28, 2010

These United States... oh THOSE United States

You might call them the hardest working men in These United States.  These United States are about to release their fourth album and incessantly tour--this time paired with the newly linked Thao and Mirah (I like Thao (and know some of her band, The Get Down Stay Down) but loved Mirah, until the insect concept album).

Wiki tells me they've played over 500 shows across These United States since their inception (yes, I can probably do that once or twice more before this post is over).

I'll admit, I've remained pretty ignorant for their hailing from DC.  I saw them play once with a friend's band and for some reason they didn't get or stay on my radar.  While I missed their latest DC date, they're performing in festivals all across These United States this summer, and I for one am giving them a second listen.  Especially since the lead singer has an ear-friendly Ryan Adams + Lead Singer of Okkervil River alt country thing going on in the new single.

So in support of local music, I'm here to tell you to give the new edition a listen.  It's a far stretch from what I heard several years ago, but I'm digging the alt-country vibe, especially for summer.

To stream the album click here.  To download the single, The Great Rivers, click here.

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