July 19, 2010

Rumormill: Virgin Free Fest 2010 Line-up

It's almost time for Freefest.  Who will be the main event?  The announcement will be tomorrow at 11 AM, followed by an inability to get tickets.

A collection of rumors/recs:

1.  9:30 Club Message Board:  Lots of chatter re: Phoenix and Pavement.
2.  Consequence of Sound:  Pollstar DID have Joan Jett up, but promptly took the link down.
3.  ClickTrack Blog @Washingtonpost.com: Again, a Pavement nod; also check out the comments.
4.  Midnight Sun @Baltimoresun.com: Some fan picks include Soundgarden, Muse, and a call for the resurrection of the musical Jesus, Mr. Michael Jackson.

And some of our own:  Pavement, Keane (raincheck?), Joan Jett, Gossip, Jack Johnson, LCD, Janelle Monae, Thievery Corp, Gossip, The Strokes, Avett Brothers...

Share your thoughts!  It's kind of too late to make requests, but still enough time for predictions...


  1. Cake & Drake too...?

  2. I think you can throw in Blues Traveler and Hoots and Hellmouth pretty confidently given location days before the festival.