August 12, 2010

Wilco will love you... maybe.

Solid Sound LogoWe're headed towards North Adams Mass tonight for Solid Sound. This will include our first *official* opportunity to take pictures and ask questions of one of our favorite bands.  And let me do a quick wrap-up of why Wilco is the best (not in order):  their PR people are great; their music is... epic, defining, essential, I can't think of a great enough work for great; they put on a festival in Western Mass at an art "gallery" (seems more like a campus); they are super accessible to media, including lowly upstart music blogs; and much much more.

That being said, we'd love some input from our readers.  What do you need to know, oh oh oh oh from Wilco?  What would you ask, given the chance?  Post a comment and let us know... oh oh oh oh.

1 comment:

  1. What blogs does the band read? Always a good way to discover new music media.