December 20, 2010

Justin Townes Earle - 9:30 Club - December 19th, 2010

Lord He's Going Uptown

While it wasn't exactly a holiday show, Justin Townes Earle brought his country stylings to the 930 club just a week before Christmas.  And what stylings they were - Mister Earle came to Washington fully decked in jacket and bow tie, armed with his best stories, his best accompanists, and his best threads.  The setlist was quite diverse, featuring songs from most of his albums, a few covers, and even some new material.  His band was slimmed down to two additional members, Bryn Davies on upright (wowsers this girl can slap da bass) and multiinstrumentalist Josh Hedley.  They played rockabilly, blues, country,  you name it.  And the substance abuse-addled JTE himself was absolutely delightful...
speaking to the crowd about his recent battles with both candor and humor.  Booze, cocaine, and pills-- oh my!  JTE denied everything the audience may have read about his most recent incarceration post-Indianapolis green room destruction; everything, that is, except the drinking and destruction.... those two were true.  It was at the same time refreshing and uncomfortable to see someone air their laundry so openly.  An overzealous fan, however, somewhat ruined the sassy admissions by woo-wooing every time JTE mentioned a substance he abused.  "I did shitloads of cocaine" WOOOOOOOO.  Lady, you've got some issues.  See the scorecard for more specific show info and some pics below.  All in all, it was a terrific show - one that you didn't know you would like as much as you did.

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