January 20, 2011

Travel and Leisure Readers Dislike DC Music Scene

Old news: people dislike DC

Today, Travel and Leisure Magazine (which I only really have the pleasure of reading at the airport) ranked DC's live music scene LOW: 27 out of 35 on their "America's Favorite Cities" survey.  As if being "Hollywood for ugly people" isn't enough... what, we only get love after inauguration?  NEW FLASH: The coolest president in history still lives here.

DC gets on every artists' agenda.  Bands love venues like the 9:30 Club--hell, residents love the 9:30 Club.  While it might get insanely crowded (and we gripe about it plenty), Seth and the gang provide us with opportunities to see bands in a more intimate setting than anywhere else.  Take for example Girl Talk, who is doing two sold out stints  there in early February. Where do people in a city with a better scene--say, NEW YORK--see the same type of act?  At Terminal Five, which holds more than double the people.

In addition to a rad flagship club, DC has something for everyone.  Bluegrass at SOVA.  Classical at the Kennedy Center.  Alt Country at Black Cat.  Punk at Rock and Roll Hotel.  Jazz everywhere.

To say we have a crappy music scene (one that ranks below... Honolulu?) is to basically admit you haven't been to a show here.  Or that you are old.  And if you haven't been to a concert in DC, then you really haven't been to DC, and you should keep quiet on stupid surveys like this.

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