February 7, 2011

Robert Plant & Band of Joy - DAR Constitutional Hall - February 1, 2011

"Old men do it better."

I'm not so sure Robert Plant could possibly rock any harder than he did in his twenties, but he certainly kept his musicianship well tuned over the years.  Perhaps that is to what his often attributed quote refers (see title).  At any rate, fans in the Washington, DC area were treated to whatever it is old men do better at DAR Constitution Hall to kick off Feb 2011.  Plant was great, but perhaps the most rewarding part of the show was the band.  Darrell Scott blew me away his booming vocals on Satisfied Mind; Patty Griffin rockabillied the hell out of Move Up (the HELL out of it); Buddy Miller shredded Somewhere Trouble Don't Go.  Phew.  Rather than ramble on about all the great moments of the show, I took the liberty of rebuilding it from videos taken and posted by show attendees (after the jump).  Not all were available (dang it, opening Black Dog not on youtube) and some were only available from other venues.  Scorecard after the show.

2. Down to the Sea 3. Angel Dance 4. Houses of the Holy 5. Satan
6. Move Up (not DC) 7. Cindy 8. 12 Gates 9. Satisfied Mind (not DC)
10. Tangerine 11. Harm's Swift Way (not DC) 12. House of Cards (not DC) 13. Somewhere Trouble Don't Go (not DC)
14. Monkey (not DC) 15. You Can't Buy My Love 16. Ramble On 17. Tall Cool One (not DC)

18. Gallows Pole 19. In the Mood 20. Rock and Roll 21. And We Bid You Goodnight

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