March 28, 2011

DeVotchka - 930 Club - March 22, 2011

Scrabble word of the day - Tissu

One of the highlights of a DeVotchka show is bassist Jeanie Schroder - for about half the show she belts out riffs on her backlit sousaphone.  The other extremely unique and amazing feature of a DeVotchka show is the aerial display of their tissu gymnasts, swinging and spinning high above the club stage.  Aside from these two features, the band offers a great replication of their signature Baltic/Greek/Mariachi album sounds.  Their show at the 930 club, while not flawless, was a great representation of their repertoire with equal parts 100 Lovers, A Mad and Faithful Telling, How It Ends and miscellaneous.  Also, epically, the band covered Neil Young.  Scorecard and approximate setlist to follow.

Approximate Setlist
The Alley
Head Honcho
Queen of the Surface Streets
The Clockwise Witness
The Man from San Sebastian
We're Leaving
Vengo! Vengo!
All the Sand in all the Sea
How It Ends
Basso Profundo
I Cried Like A Silly Boy
100 Other Lovers
The Enemy Guns

Only Love Can Break Your Heart
You Love Me
Such A Lovely Thing

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