March 4, 2011

Did You Hear About... Dawes

This week we went to the Middle Brother show at 9:30 Club; for those less in the know, it's a pseudo super group featuring the lead singers of Delta Spirit, Dawes and Deer Tick.  The funny thing about it is, we stayed for the two openers and left.  Damn mid-week shows running a half hour behind.  It didn't really matter, though, because my main anticipation was for Dawes, a band whose music served as beautiful muzak to my work week. While they didn't play my favorite, Bedside Manner, and shared a third of their set with a man named Jonny Corndawg (sorry Dawes, still don't get it), the band blew me away.  Especially in comparison to the act that followed (liked the performance but could do without the antics).

In lieu of a formal review, I'll just offer this word to the wise--get on board, music fans.  The lead singer has a younger Jeff Tweedy type thing going on, at some points sounding like Steve Perry, and others, like the Boss.  Awesomely polished performers.  They've played DC a handful of times now, and lucky for them (or unfortunately for you) they sound good enough to headline 9:30 Club the next time through.

For a taste, here's a performance of my fave from Rock & Roll Hotel (thanks TenthRowConcerts!)

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