April 8, 2011

New Place to See Music: Hill Country DC

A Bluegrass Black Cat...?

The Holmes Brothers play on 4.23
There's been a lot of buzz in the DC about Hill Country BBQ, which opened recently in Penn Quarter, because it filled a noticeably gaping hole in the culinary atmosphere of the city: true texas BBQ.  Think roasted and BBQd meat, not pulled pork, with a price tag above Red Hot & Blue that reflects better quality, set up like a texas-style Vapiano.

On a recent visit I stumbled upon the Boot Bar downstairs, to a small stage with ear pleasing pickin'.  I didn't hang around long enough to get a great listen, but made a mental note to check out the calendar when I got home.

On April 23, The Holmes Brothers are playing Hill Country's Boot Bar, a band whose name has shared the same breath as Roseanne Cash, Levon Helm, Willie Nelson and Peter Gabriel, and who The New Yorker calls, "capable of awesome achievements." NPR had a few nice things to say as well, and even hosted a Tiny Desk Concert with the group a year ago.

Sounds like a place that might fly under the radar with lower key, quality music.  And with live band karaoke on Wednesdays, and great food, what's not to like?  Consider this a general FYI.

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