May 20, 2011

Neko Case - Black Cat - May 13, 2011

Holding out for that teenage feeling...

Neko Case exudes cool, a female folkster with roll-out-of-bed beauty and a fiery mouth to match her gorgeous red hair (don't dare throw something onstage or she will #$%& you up, remember?).  Yet with a feed full of tweets and a discography loaded with love songs, it's clear Neko is far from carefree (see also: many cancelled shows).

Besides basic adoration, I was excited about the Neko Case show at Black Cat for a host of other reasons.  It's a special day when one gets to see such a star, soon to open for My Morning Jacket at a 19316 person venue, in a space for 700.  Also, Black Cat now serves (very) Dark & Stormys.  And finally, the show had an early set time, perfect for the old soul concert goer who turns into a pumpkin at 11.

Neko didn't disappoint (how could she in such a rare scenario?), but there was something about the show that felt a little canned; no flourishes, no memorable banter (a quick convo w/ a coworker who went as well conferred).  Perhaps she simply signed on to make up for last year's cancellation, or to help promote 826DC, or was worried about cramming two shows in one night.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed the hell out of it, and I particularly love a setlist crammed full of Middle Cyclone songs... it just lacked a little charm that I typically experience at a Neko show.  


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