June 29, 2011

Did You Hear About... Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

And finishing first in best new bands with the worst name category is Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.  When core members Josh Epstein and Daniel Zott set out to have some fun and record a few songs, they never gave much thought about selling records, much less about selling out clubs.  So it makes sense that they didn't consider commercial appeal when naming their then just-for-fun outfit.  Now two years later, love it or hate it, DEJJ is here, they're good, and you'd better just accept the bizarre homage to the stock car stud.

The music is a unique blend of indie-pop synth, sensible rock, and clever, insightful witticisms.  "'Twenty ways to make him sigh?' Girl, I don't want to lie," says the chorus of An Ugly Person on a Movie Screen, which later goes on to note, "You don't know why your caged bird sings.  I guess you're more concerned with the immediate things - looking good in your jeans."  Simple concept and beautiful delivery.  Their recent and first full-length release is chock-full of similar social observations.  Check out the mini-sampler posted below, and if you like, continue your exploratory journey over to KCRW's in-studio performace and intervew to see just how good these guys translate their sound to the stage.


  1. THANK YOU! I love them and I always hear them on the university radio, especially An Ugly Person on a Movie Screen. I tried to google "twenty ways to make him sigh", and you're what popped up! Just what I was looking for, thank youuu!