July 21, 2011

Washington DC September 2011 Live Music Melee

DC's Abundance of Riches

Has anyone but us noticed the dearth of quality live music in the greater DC area this July? I'm sure there's a ton of good music out there that's off our radar, but in the indie/americana sphere, it has been bone dry. In fact, if it weren't for the heel-stomping Hoots and Hellmouth this Saturday at Hill Country BBQ, the blog would have seen an entire month with no action. What is this, January?

Fast forward to September - has someone figured out how to be in two places at once yet? The cup runneth over and drowned our city in an amazing live music tsunami. Here's what we here at SPB have on our schedules already:

1 - Hold Steady - 930 Club
4 - Bright Eyes - 930 Club
8 - Pepper Rabbit - DC9
17 - HFStival (Avetts, Dr. Dog, etc.) - Merriweather
22 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. - Red Palace
23 - Fleet Foxes - Merriweather
25 - Wilco - Merriweather
26 - Foster the People, Cults - 930 Club
27 - Jeff Mangum - 2640 Space (Baltimore)

Oh and here are some additional shows that if we could we'd make:

9 - Peter, Bjorn and John - 930 Club
10 - Virgin Freefest (Black Keys, Okkervil, etc) - Merriweather
15 - The Low Anthem - 930 Club
17 - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah - 930 Club
23 - Megafaun - Red Palace
23 - The Head and the Heart - 930 Club

Yep, that's crazy. Add in ACL Festival coverage and a trip to the 40th annual Frog Farm Hoe Down and we are downright spread thin come October - but in a good way.  Most of these shows still have tickets available (at posting the only sell outs are Foster the People, Jeff Mangum and freefest) so come join us for a September to remember, or at the very least, help us cover the shows we just can't make.

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