August 19, 2011

TicketsNow & Ticketmaster: Conspiracy or Crap?

Pollstar posted an article this week that Ticketmaster is going to once again direct people, in the event of a sold-out show, to its resale subsidiary, testing waters that were once unsafe in 2008 post-Bruce Springsteen debacle.

After experiencing our own trials for Foo Fighters at Verizon Center tickets (which we had to purchase via EBay), to go on and see >400 tickets available for the show, all awesome (hello club level?), all above face value, is kind of unnerving.

Does anyone else think this is a scam?  I'm still not convinced that does not funnel tickets directly to the reseller for immediate mark-up.

A TM "rep" responded with this in the comments section of the Pollstar article.

"Just want to let you know that Ticketmaster doesn’t control the tickets and we do not move inventory designated for Ticketmaster to TicketsNow.  We wouldn’t want to do this, not to mention our clients would fire us if that happened."

What do you think?  Convince me otherwise...

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