December 4, 2011

St Lucia - Gibson Showroom - December 1, 2011

Caribbean Island or Indie-Pop Quintet?

Try both.  The New York-based group came in support of All Things Go's concert series New Noise at the Gibson showroom.  The band has popped up in a few emails and blogs, so I decided to check out the show.  It was an interesting vibe, equal parts hipster, young professional, and cool.  The band was fantastic - think a more accessible xx.  The venue was pretty cool, although it felt a bit like Ashton Kutcher's loft or something.  There were several Gibson's hung along the main space, but it didn't feel at all like a guitar showroom.  And the crowd was pretty reasonable; they were clearly interested in the music and not just the open Tito-and-Flying Dog-bar.  Check out the photos below as well as a sample of what St Lucia is kicking out.  I would highly recommend seeing this group sooner rather than later - you too might just be able to catch them up close and personal before they start playing larger venues.

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