February 7, 2012

Be Mine - Hipster Love Songs 2012

Since our hipster love song post is the number one post on this blog of all time (thanks Google!), we thought it best to have a second annual edition.  Sure, some of the songs that make it to our list are old, some are popular, but we think it evokes the general mood of most hipsters--confusion.  Is it happy?  Is it sad?  It's both!

There are some artists who make creating this playlist easier than others.  The Magnetic Fields, for one, are quintessential, a true hipster love song band (I Don't Wanna Get Over You? Dire).  On the other end of the spectrum is Belle and Sebastian, a more plucky, upbeat version of the same.  Both are represented on our Hipster Love Songs Playlist in the sidebar (see way below for a track list).

But if we could write a love letter to any band this year, it'd be Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jr., whose covers of countless timeless love song covers, performed live, have made us dance like fools on more than one occasion. Unfortunately we couldn't get the best of their sets on the playlist, so enjoy a little YouTube action--and have a happy Valentine's Day.

Playlist Track Listing

  1. I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time - Bon Iver
  2. Andrew in Drag - Magnetic Fields
  3. Love is All I Am - Dawes
  4. La Mer - Julio Iglesias
  5. Emmylou - First Aid Kit
  6. Falling For You - Weezer
  7. When You Love Somebody - Fruit Bats
  8. Piece of My Heart - Erma Franklin
  9. Dress Up in You - Belle & Sebastian
  10. Lonely Fortunes - Ha Ha Tonka
  11. Alike - Efterklang
  12. Save Me - Aimee Mann
  13. Valerie - Amy Winehouse
  14. Heart it Races - Dr. Dog
  15. Come Pick Me Up - Ryan Adams
  16. You're My Best Friend - Queen
  17. All You Ever Wanted - Black Keys
  18. Ain't No Sunshine - Bill Withers
  19. Nothing But Our Love - Dale Earnhardt Jr., Jr.


  1. Some great music there. Its good to have a mix of old and new as some of the old ones give good memories and are great songs to listen to.

  2. Glad you like. Anything we missed you'd like to see on the next episode?