April 2, 2012

First Aid Kit - Black Cat - 3/30/2012

Swedish sisters Klara and Johanna Soderberg--better known as First Aid Kit--filled the Black Cat Friday for a super sold out show.  They opened for Bright Eyes at 9:30 recently, and brought their similar brand of sound to the smaller stage for their first headlining show in our city.

The girls' shtick (pretty singing sisters!) might've been a huge draw for the thick-rimmed, but it played a close second to their beautiful voices, a kind of chemistry akin to other folk vocalists, and at the same time special to the two as siblings.  Like the songbirds they sing about in Emmylou, the Soderberg sisters are endearing in harmony and fun to watch.  Blue showcased a slightly more uptempo sound, while Emmylou, In the Hearts of Men, and an acoustic [insert song] stood out as breathtakingly signature.

A single complaint (minus the audience talking, to be expected at Black Cat)--they got an incredibly rich sound musically with just three people on stage, leaving us looking for a bassist.  Johanna's keyboard took the place of several additional musicians, which perhaps in a larger venue, they might be able to flush out a bit.

This band is clearly on the way up, and if they can keep their songwriting teeth sharp, we'll all be saying, "remember when..."

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