March 26, 2010

Joanna, Joanna

Joanna Newsom Review - Sixth and I - March 23rd, 2010

Due to scheduling conflicts, we writers at soundproof were unable to attend this much anticipated - and very sold out - Joanna Newsom concert at Sixth and I Synagogue. Thankfully, we were able to give the tickets away to a fan who was gracious enough to write it up on our behalf. Thanks Dario, and it sounds like we made the wrong choice that night. If you were unable to attend the show, give it a listen at NPR.


The Book of Right-On
Soft as Chalk
Inflammatory Writ
Good Intentions Paving Company
Have One on Me
You and Me, Bess
Monkey & Bear
Baby Birch

Thanks to NPR for publishing the setlist.

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