March 26, 2010

Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler: Jazzfest Preview Playlist

Open confession from a self-professed music junkie: I've never been to a real music festival. I'm not counting three years of Virgin Festival at Pimlico either--that's kind of like comparing commuter college to the on-campus experience.

So I thought I'd celebrate the less-than-thirty-day countdown to my maiden voyage--to New Orlean's Jazzfest!--with a sampler of songs from the first weekend line-up. Jazzfest celebrated by releasing the cubes this week. I left off smaller NOLA-based acts because the sound quality of uploaded files was lacking. I also chose to leave off Drake, the top-40 poptart rep on the weekend's bill. Instead, I will leave you with a lovely clip of how I know the new kid on the hip-hop block: as the lovable wheelchairbound Jimmy from Canadian teen show Degrassi.

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