May 28, 2010

Signs of Life from Arcade Fire

Everybody is talking about them so why not us?  First came the one-off tour date... then another... then another... Now, the Arcade Fire has released a new single from their forthcoming record, 'The Suburbs' which the band recently announced will drop on August 3rd in the states.  There are lots of combinations you can pre-order the new stuff in (e.g., digital; cd plus digital; vinyl; vinyl plus digital; vinyl plus poster plus digital; etc.) so head over to to choose yours.  The best value for sure is the hq digital download for $8.  Screw you itunes, you market-share hogging, power-wielding Mr. Moneybags you. 

As for the single, well its typical AF.  And by that I mean you never really know what influences and what instruments those guys are going to bring to the table.  Give a listen on their website (or for a short time below) and see if you have any strong feelings about the new material - personally, I like it but am absent a really passionate response.  The band has an awesome widget on their site which we'll borrow for a day or two to let you listen to the new single (plus b-side?) right here on soundproof.  I'm actually more in love with the widget than the songs... Yes, I'm a huge nerd.

The Suburbs/Month of May 12″ Single
A. The Suburbs
AA. Month of May

*widget from - Nice work whoever designed and coded this little gem.  I especially like the ability to control the speed and direction with the mouse...

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