October 21, 2010

The Avett Brothers - Pier Six - October 16, 2010

I and Love and Them

I've listened to the Avett Brothers regularly for about four years now, and from time-to-time I think, "Why haven't these guys blown up yet?"  The answer to that question is that they pretty much have.  When a random coworker yells over the cube wall, "You're going to see the Avett Brothers? I love them - saw 'em open for John Mayer. 'My heart it beats like a steel drum.' Oh yeah!" you know the band has made their mark (well, sort of.)  About six months ago I emailed the tour director for the band pleading for a DC date, and all I got in reply was a 'hold on, they're coming soon.'  And then they opened for... John Mayer... at Nissan Pavilion...  Blarg.  But later, they announced the date in Baltimore, and all was right with the world.  After all, the first time I saw them was in Baltimore circa the 2007 Artscape where they played for free and opened up for Old 97's... good times.

Let's just get the show details out there: Saturday night; Pier Six Pavilion; cool, crisp, clean air; opening band was Grace Potter and the Nocturnals.  Pretty perfect right?  Well it was.  Grace Potter et al brought their polished rock and roll spirit to the stage and provided a lively opening set.  Couple of notes about GP&TN: 1) They are really well rehearsed.  How is this band still an opener? 2) Turn it down sound guy - you don't need to have the board up to 11 to hear all the subtleties of their sound. 3) The cover of White Rabbit was incredibly cliche - they should stick to their material or fun, obscure covers.

The Avetts took the stage a hair after 8PM and put up around two hours of foot-stomping, hand-pumping, hyphen-inducing country-rock.  The guys were in a great mood, providing some banter, mostly compliments about how we, the crowd, were great.  The sound mix was excellent, which was a relief after a deafening hour of GP.  Some highlights from the setlist (see below) included an encore interlude courtesy of Bob Dylan (Just Like a Woman), Paranoia in B, a retooled version of Talk on Indolences, In the Curve (Seth solo), I&L&Y, etc, etc.  I could really list the entire set.  You can see some videos from the show on the youtube (posted below - thanks lovelikethemovies :)  My one real complaint was with the crowd.  It was an older crowd, which typically means quieter, more respectful and tame.  These folks talked nearly the whole show (see In the Curve video for example) and stole our seats every time we got up to use the bathroom or grab a brew.  Really?  You're 45.  Either buy an orchestra ticket or watch the show from the lawn.  I don't care which.  But don't make me kick you out of my seat twice and then try and squeeze into my row.  At least I didn't have to tell on you to the one bouncer serving our section.

All-in-all it was a great experience.  I've seen the fellas a couple of times at festivals and as openers, so it was really nice to catch a full set.  Hopefully we can get them to come down to DC proper for a show, although I doubt there's an appropriate venue to house them now that they've made it.

Talkin' Blues: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SbEkhODkMtY
Down With the Shine:
Jenny and the Summer Day:
Backwards With Time:
In the Curve:
Pretty Girl from Annapolis:

Talking Blues
Down with the shine
Jenny on a summer day
Backwards with time
In the curve
January wedding
Tin man
Pretty girl from Michigan
Murder in the city
At the beach
And it spread
Talk on indolence
I and Love and You
Kick drum heart
Perfect space
Blue ridge mountain song
Laundry room

Pretty girl from Annapolis (just like a woman)
Slight figure of speech

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  1. This show was really great! Certainly worth the short road trip. Good review guys!