October 28, 2010

Great Lakes - Velvet Lounge - October 23, 2010

Great Lakes on the Make (in a good way!)
Velvet Lounge is an interesting place.  I never really have super high expectations--it's a dive.  That's its charm.  Couple that with the odd clientele in the downstairs bar on a Saturday night (hello white guy dance circle), and a painful aural memory from a prior show, it's not a place I go to very frequently.  Still, it's a rung on the venue ladder of DC, so it was nice to finally introduce my co-pilot to the spot.

We descended on the venue to check out Great Lakes--not the beer, not the swimmers--just plain old Great Lakes.  We'd liked what we heard before: bluesy rock, genuinely ear pleasing.  And the show did not disappoint.  The duo looks like an odd couple of a young Ben Folds and a male model, and sounds like the Black Keys with Johnny Cash vocals.  Do any of those things sound bad to you?  They don't to me.  And if my memory serves me correctly, the lyrics were far from cheesy.

The best part?  They are nice guys.  The worst part?  Their internet presence is pretty slim... ie, Myspace.

Check out the scorecard and some pictures from the show.  I'd keep these guys on your radar.

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  1. Loved the show even though it was a bit minimalistic. Wish I could've heard some of the sweeping pedal steel licks from the new record, but then again, it was good to hear the music from a different perspective.